All things Conference

As I prepared for my first radio interview Live on TalkSport, the well known saying ‘You have a face made for radio’ sprang to mind. One thing I thought was a certain was that I didn’t have the voice for it! But there I was ready to go on National radio to talk about all things Conference related.

This was my first taste of radio and I’ll let you make up your own mind on whether I’m the future Adrian Durham, but hopefully one thing that is guaranteed is that you will find the following interview a useful and interesting guide to the top tier of Non-League football.

The interview its self starts after about 18 minutes during the 3-30 slot (prime time radio!) and can be found via the attached link.

Oh yes, and for the record this is actually AFC Telford’s second season in the Conference Premier!


4 comments on “All things Conference

  1. Taylor Geall says:

    Haha that was wicked, well done mate.

  2. Elliot Rogers says:

    Nice one on Talksport pal, how did you get that? Is it going to be a regular thing?

    • jonnorth33 says:

      Cheers mate! Someone just got in contact with me randomly and it went from there… And yes tune in every Saturday morning at 3.20 and your get to hear my dulcit tones floating through your radio!

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