While Non-League football is miles away from the Premier League in regard to many factors such as quality and financially, there are also many things that Non-league football offers that the elite Leagues can not. While many Premier League footballers complain about only earning Β£50,000 a week, semi-professional players travel around the Country in the hope of earning Β£50.00 a week, simply for the love of the game. For Non-League players it is not about the money, or the glamour or the girls it is about playing the sport you love to the best of your ability. This difference in attitude is what makes Non-League Football such an adhering and refreshing prospect.

It is Football stripped back to how it should be played, with passion, commitment and ultimately a great deal of fun and I hope to highlight this through my blog. Despite the many differences, there are also remarkable similarities between the professional game and the semi-professional game. From the desire to win games to the behaviour of fans and owners, it is these similarities and differences that I want to examine and analyse.

I will also be keeping you up to date with how my current team, Wealdstone FC, are doing as the season draws to a close.


Grosvenor Vale. Home of Wealdstone FC


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